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East-West Coffee Shop | It gets worse before it gets worse: The current state of U.S.-Russia affairs

Alex Gabuev speaks about current trends in U.S.-Russia relations. His take in a nutshell: It probably gets worse before it gets worse! Likewise, we are likely to see much more competition than cooperation between these two players, although there are still low-hanging fruits like in the field of...

22 March 2021 | Alexander Gabuev

East-West Coffee Shop | The U.S. and Euro-Atlantic security: NATO partners, Russia, and Eastern partnership

In this episode of the East-West Coffee Shop, we're joined by Roger Hilton who will take a close look at the new personnel in the White House and how much emphasis will be given to Euro-Atlantic security. Roger addresses what the U.S.'s engagement with NATO partners will look like and why,...

15 March 2021 | Roger Hilton