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Kim Westerich-Fellner

Kim Joana Westerich-Fellner is a Mercator Fellow on International Affairs and Visiting Researcher at Forschungszentrum Juelich (IEK-6: Nuclear Waste Management) and the James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS). Her work focuses on approaches to promote nuclear disarmament. Among...


Why aren’t young people engaged in nuclear disarmament?

In our latest commentary from our New European Voices on Existential Risk (NEVER) network, Michaela Higgins Sørensen explores and refutes the claim that young people are not interested in the nuclear space and calls for the sector to provide the appropriate support for young people to engage in the world of nuclear disarmament successfully.

8 September 2023 | Michaela Higgins Sørensen

Ivan Siluianov

Ivan is a Master's Student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in international relations, and focusing on the potential implications of emerging technologies on national and global security. His keen interest in science and technology policy comes from his experience in nuclear...