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Matthew Jabłoński

Matthew Jabłoński currently works within the Defence and Security Committee and the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Previously, he served in the Humanitarian Diplomacy Division at the International Committee of the Red Cross covering Eurasia, as...


Omri Preiss

Omri Preiss is a co-founder and managing director of Alliance4Europe, working to activate citizens towards a more democratic and sustainable Europe. Omri is based in Brussels, and has worked in EU affairs, particularly on human rights, democracy, and sustainability issues.


Radosław Sikorski

Former Minister of Defence (2005-2007), Foreign Minister (2007-2014) and Speaker of Parliament (2014-2015).


Bartosz Rydliński

Bartosz M. Rydliński holds a doctorate in political science from Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (2013). Rydlinski teaches at the Institute of Political Science at CSWU and works as a project manager and expert with the "Amicus Europae" Foundation of former Polish president...


Katarzyna Kubiak

Katarzyna Kubiak has over a decade of professional experience in academia, think tanks, NGOs and IGOs, advising European decision-makers and facilitating international security dialogue on conventional and nuclear arms control, risk reduction, nonproliferation, and new emerging technologies,...


Adam Daniel Rotfeld

Professor Dr. Adam Daniel Rotfeld is a Polish researcher, diplomat, and Minister of Foreign Affairs between January 2005 and November 2005. Rotfeld established the Warsaw Reflection Group on the UN Reform and the Transformation of the Euro-Atlantic Security Institutions, with participation from...