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Report | 4 July 2023

ELN Balkans parliamentary project: Roundtable on regional security challenges and cooperation in Southeast Europe

The European Leadership Network’s roundtable on Regional Security Challenges and Cooperation in Southeast Europe was the project’s first in-person event held in the Balkans. It brought together parliamentarians from the region and the wider Euro-Atlantic area with the goal of fostering better parliamentary oversight on security matters in Southeast Europe.

The roundtable comprised two sessions: the first session delved into regional security concerns in Southeast Europe, while the second centred on the pivotal role of parliaments in enhancing energy security in the region, especially the Western Balkans. The discussion was under the Chatham House rule, ensuring an open exchange of ideas whilst protecting the anonymity of the speakers.

Some of the key discussion points from the sessions include:

  • Issues of governance, organised crime, corruption, and religious differences affecting the region.
  • The impact of geopolitical shifts on regional security, with the influence of Russia, China, the USA and the EU being highlighted.
  • The interconnected nature of regional and energy security in Southeast Europe, especially regarding Russia’s role as a major energy supplier in the region and in light of its invasion of Ukraine.
  • For the session on enhancing energy security, the discussion points included high energy prices, the need to transition to green energy from fossil fuels, and diversifying regional energy sources.

You can read the full report here.

The opinions articulated above do not necessarily reflect the position of the ELN or any of its members. The ELN’s aim is to encourage debates that will help develop Europe’s capacity to address the pressing foreign, defence, and security policy challenges of our time.

Image credit: The ELN