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Valeriia Hesse

Fellow at the Odesa Centre for Nonproliferation

NEVER YGLN Membership Ukraine

Valeriia Hesse is a non-resident fellow at the Odesa Centre for Nonproliferation (OdCNP), a research consultant at Open Nuclear Network (ONN), and a management and research consultant at Atomic Reporters (AR). She specialises in international organisations and regimes in nuclear nonproliferation (focusing on nuclear safeguards and security), analyses Russia’s nuclear policy as well as the potential future scenarios for risk reduction, nonproliferation, arms control, and disarmament.

She is a certified PRINCE2 project manager with extensive experience in international educational event and conference management, eager to improve and innovate. Ms. Hesse was a visiting researcher at the James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), a consultant at the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), and an intern at the Division of Concepts and Planning at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Department of Safeguards and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Valeriia is a Fulbright scholar. She obtained her Master’s degree in Nonproliferation and International Security from the University of Georgia (USA) and has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in International Relations from Odesa I.I. Mechnykov National University (Ukraine).

Ms. Hesse is the Annual Meeting Plenary Committee Chair & Diversity Committee member at the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management (INMM), and a member of Women in Nuclear (WiN) IAEA and Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network (BSWN).

Content by Valeriia Hesse


Ok, Doomer! The NEVER Podcast – Nuclear War: What is it good for?

Listen to the second episode of the NEVER podcast – Ok, Doomer! In this episode, we explore nuclear war, the first man-made existential risk. Featuring an introduction to the topic, disarmament versus deterrence, how governments have dealt with issues such as proliferation, and how they should respond to them in future.


Strengthening the nuclear order: Pragmatic internationalism amid Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russia’s war against Ukraine has exposed critical flaws in the international nuclear realm. Valeriia Hesse writes that to prevent the total erosion of the non-proliferation norm, a realistic and pragmatic approach towards gradual nuclear arms reductions must be pursued. Ahead of the NPT PrepCom, she outlines concrete steps that the international community can take to build a stronger and more resilient nuclear order.

28 July 2023 | Valeriia Hesse