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Shazeeda Bhola

Director of Strategy, The Nucleus Group

Shaz reads between the lines. The Turing of Nucleus, Shaz decodes culture through the secret and not-so-secret language of memes, music, symbols and metaphor. Deliberate and unafraid, she believes learning and creativity are sparked by challenging long-held beliefs. By interrogating assumptions of gender, race, poverty, sexuality and security, Shaz transforms her extraordinary empathy into incisive insights, informative strategy and revealing design that give voice to deep, emotional human truths.

As a social good strategist and designer, Shaz’s commitment to building platforms for positive change has resulted in non-profit brand strategy and design with Ubuntu Pathways, Keep a Child Alive and Joyful Heart Foundation. Alongside The Nucleus Group, she has facilitated human-centered approaches to health initiatives with UNICEF and UNHCR. Her work in the nuclear risk reduction space includes the #StillHere campaign for the 75th Anniversary of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, NSquare, Ploughshares Fund, ELN, and the MacArthur Foundation. She holds a Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts.

Content by Shazeeda Bhola


Changing the nuclear narrative

As nuclear weapons make headlines once more, the images and narratives that pervade focus on fear and panic leading to paralysing doom and political stasis. For sustained engagement and real-world change, Elizabeth Talerman and Shazeeda Bhola from The Nucleus Group write that a fundamental shift is required in how the nuclear conversation is framed — invoking hope instead of fear and identifying solutions and shared ambitions.

15 March 2022 | Shazeeda Bhola and Elizabeth Talerman