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Sascha E. Ostanina

Policy Fellow at the Jacques Delors Centre

Sascha E. Ostanina is a Policy Fellow at the Jacques Delors Centre with a research focus on Russia and the Eastern Partnership countries. Prior to this, Sascha worked as an external analyst with the international consulting company S&P Global and as a security consultant with the International Atomic Energy Agency. She also worked as a political and economic TV journalist for over a decade before switching to the field of international security.

Sascha holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Hertie School and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. In addition to international security, Sascha is interested in model building, bouldering, embroidery, technical diving, military history, and weapons development.

Content by Sascha E. Ostanina


To guarantee its security, the EU should arm Ukraine through a self-defence agreement

Current security guarantees for Ukraine range from unavailable to ineffective, writes Sascha Ostanina. She proposes a middle-ground solution to provide collective security for Ukraine through a binding self-defence agreement between the EU and Ukraine. Such an agreement would provide Ukraine with access to weapons and ammunition in the event of Russian aggression.

5 December 2023 | Sascha E. Ostanina