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Prince Hassan bin Talal

Crown Prince of Jordan 1965 - 99

His Royal Highness was officially invested as Crown Prince to the Hashemite Throne of Jordan in April 1965. Until the changes in succession brought about by His late Majesty King Hussein, in January 1999, he served as the King’s closest political advisor, confidant and deputy, as well as acting as Regent in the King’s absence from the country.

His Royal Highness has initiated, founded and is actively involved in a number of Jordanian and international institutes and committees. In Jordan, HRH established the Royal Scientific Society (in 1970), the Arab Thought Forum (in 1981), the Higher Council for Science and Technology (in 1987) and the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (in 1994).

On the international stage, many of Prince Hassan’s ideas and initiatives have been catalytic to international decisions and resolutions. Addressing the 36th Session of the United Nations in 1981, His Royal Highness proposed the establishment of the New International Humanitarian Order, which led to a request by the Secretary General to found and co-chair the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues (ICIHI). The final report of the Commission was adopted as a resolution at the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations.

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