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Michaela Higgins Sørensen

Communications Officer at THINK International

Michaela Higgins Sørensen is a Danish South African who grew up in Mozambique and is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Michaela has a Master’s degree in Development and International Relations with a specialisation in Global Gender Studies from Aalborg University, Denmark, and works in the gender, peace, and security field, as well as the gender and development field.

She is particularly interested in gender and nuclear disarmament, as well as Feminist Foreign Policy. She has a strong background in volunteering and leading within United Nations Youth Associations and has a lot of experience in the youth empowerment arena.

Currently, she is the Communications Officer for THINK International. Prior to this, she was the Gender, Peace and Security Program Officer for PNND, a Core Member of Youth Fusion, and a Campaign Manager at Docmine Productions AG on the exciting project ‘Nuclear Stories’.

Content by Michaela Higgins Sørensen