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Konrad Seifert

Co-CEO of the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance

Konrad is Co-CEO of the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance, working to improve (a) the international regime complex for the governance of rapid technological change and (b) the representation of future generations in institutional design and policy processes.

Previously, he co-founded Effective Altruism Switzerland (EA Switzerland) and turned it into a professional organisation with an annual budget of about half a million CHF. He now serves on its board of directors and volunteers as a donation and career adviser. Konrad briefly studied international relations before focusing on social entrepreneurship. His intellectual interests include sociology, ethics, psychology, epistemology, economics and game theory.

Content by Konrad Seifert


Existential threats beyond the bomb: emerging disruptive technologies in the age of AI

To better understand emerging technologies, NEVER members Konrad, Anemone, Emil, Arthur, and Joel outline the evolution of the risk landscape around emerging disruptive technologies and draw parallels between the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and those posed by novel biotechnologies. They explore the broader challenge of governing emerging technologies and suggest potential ways forward.