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Joel Petersson Ivre

Policy Fellow at APLN

Joel Petersson Ivre is a Policy Fellow at APLN. His research interest lies in Asia-Pacific security issues, with a focus on Chinese politics and foreign policy and nuclear issues on the Korean Peninsula. He received his Master’s degree in East Asian Studies and International Security and Foreign Policy from Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies, and his Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Culture from Stockholm University. He has held internships at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and East Asia Institute in Seoul.

Content by Joel Petersson Ivre


Asia-Pacific flashpoints: Comparing Australian, Japanese, South Korean & UK perceptions

This ELN and APLN report compares Australian, Japanese, South Korean, and UK risk perceptions towards Taiwan and North Korea. It finds that diverging perceptions of risk in the Asia-Pacific are potential obstacles to policy coordination and offers recommendations for how to address this.

Policy brief

Balancing deterrence with assurances: Policy coordination between security partners in the Asia-Pacific

This ELN and APLN policy brief explores the challenges facing Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the UK in their security strategies towards China and North Korea. The paper argues that these security partners must balance deterrence strategies with providing assurances to adversaries.