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Jieqiong Duan

PhD Student

Jieqiong Duan is a Chinese PhD Student at the Institute for International and European Studies (GIES) of Ghent University. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in French studies and International Relations at Beijing Foreign Studies University and a Master’s degree with distinction in International Relations at Université Libre de Bruxelles. She has also worked as an assistant editor at Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press from 2017 to 2018. Jieqiong’s general interests concern major power relations, their strategic narratives, and their practices in global issues. As part of her doctoral research, she explores the complex and multifaceted relations between the European Union and China. She examines these relations within different issues, including climate change and other potential risks and benefits for countries and individuals. She is also interested in environmental policy and engagement with civil society. Her previous research on the participation of environmental NGOs in the EU policy-making process has given her valuable insights into the role of civil society in shaping policy decisions.

Content by Jieqiong Duan


Ok, Doomer! The NEVER Podcast – Climate change: A hot topic

Listen to the third episode of the NEVER podcast – Ok, Doomer! In this episode, we explore climate change; the existential risk that the general public is most familiar with. Featuring an exploration of how the climate crisis affects politics on the local, national and international levels, climate change as a “polycrisis”, and how the world in the past has managed to unite around policies that combat climate change such as closing the hole in the ozone layer.