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James Johnson

Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the University of Aberdeen

James Johnson is a Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the University of Aberdeen. He is also an honorary fellow at the University of Leicester, a Non-resident associate on the European Research Council-funded Towards a Third Nuclear Age Project, and a Mid-Career Cadre with the Centre for Strategic Studies Project on Nuclear Issues. He is the author of  AI and the Bomb: Nuclear Strategy and Risk in the Digital Age (OUP, 2023). You can follow him on Twitter: @James_SJohnson

Content by James Johnson

Drone warfare

The challenges of AI command and control

What do emerging and disruptive technologies like AI mean for the role of humans in war? How might AI-augmented human-machine interaction affect the role of human command in war? And what might an AI commander look like? James Johnson explores these topics and assesses whether or not we are moving towards a situation where AI-enabled autonomous weapons start making strategic decisions, as opposed to humans, during conflict.

12 April 2023 | James Johnson