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Network participant

Ivo Slaus

Former Member of Parliament, Former member of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Professor Ivo Šlaus is a nuclear and particle physicist, honorary president and member of the Board of Trustees of the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS), director of the Academy’s South East European Division (SEED) and Chairman of the Editorial Board of Cadmus Journal.

He is also a member of the international advisory council of the Club of Rome and former president of the Croatian Association of the Club of Rome; a member of the Pugwash Council and former president of Croatian Pugwash; a founding Fellow of Academia Europaea; a member of the managing board of the Balkan Political Club; Chairman, International Network of Centres for Sustainable Development; founder and former Executive Committee member of the European Physical Society; Fellow World Innovation Foundation, and a former member of the Parliament of Croatia.

Professor Šlaus has held academic teaching posts at Rudjer Bošković Institute, Croatia, UCLA, Georgetown University, Duke University, and the International postgraduate school “Jozef Stefan”, Ljubljana (since 2003). He has received national awards for research in 1962 and in 1969.