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Ivan Siluianov

Master's Student

Ivan is a Master’s Student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in international relations, and focusing on the potential implications of emerging technologies on national and global security. His keen interest in science and technology policy comes from his experience in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. He founded an educational-networking platform called “Youth Hotline” for Russian and Western youth aimed at facilitating trust-building and communication in times of heightened tensions and deteriorating arms control.

Previously, Ivan completed a research internship with the Centre for Foreign Policy and Peace Research in Ankara, Turkey, and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Finland. During his bachelor’s degree, he was actively involved with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Russia, organising online and offline events to promote sustainable development education in his community. Ivan received his Bachelor’s degree from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, where he conducted research on the effectiveness of cybersecurity policies. He was a summer research fellow at the Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Centre at KAIST, South Korea, where he was involved in a research project on the implications of 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) on nuclear non-proliferation.