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Henrik Larsen

Research Fellow at the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy (IPD)

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Henrik Larsen, PhD, is a research fellow with the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy (IPD), as well as a non-resident fellow with the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and the International Center for Defense and Security (ICDS).  He was a Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the ETH Zürich with a focus on NATO and transatlantic security. Henrik Larsen served as a Political Adviser for the European External Action Service in Ukraine. He was previously a fellow with Harvard, Stanford and the Carnegie Endowment. He has published his book “NATO’s Democratic Retrenchment: Hegemony after the Return of History”.



Content by Henrik Larsen


Network reflections: What should we expect from the new German security strategy?

This month, Chancellor Shultz wrote, “Germans are intent on becoming the guarantor of European security that our allies expect us to be, a bridge builder within the European Union and an advocate for multilateral solutions to global problems”. But to do so requires a “new strategic culture” in Germany’s security strategy – What shifts should we expect in the new Security Strategy and where do the main challenges lie?