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Héloïse Fayet

Research Fellow at the Security Studies Center of Ifri

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Héloïse Fayet is a research fellow at the Security Studies Center of Ifri (French institute of international relations), where she coordinates the Deterrence and Proliferation research program. Her work focuses on nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, the impact of emerging tech on strategic risk reduction and Nuclear Weapons States’ doctrines. She also writes on strategic competition in the Middle East and strategic foresight method, and is a project manager for the Réseau Nucléaire & Stratégie, French equivalent to the PONI next-gen nuclear network.

Before joining Ifri, she worked as an analyst on the Middle East at the French Ministry of Armed Forces, and at the French National Cybersecurity Agency.

Héloïse Fayet graduated from Sciences Po Paris with a dual master’s degree in International Security and Journalism, and a B.A. in political science. An advocate for women in security and defense industries, she is on the board of WIIS (Women in International Security) France.

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