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Fyodor Lukyanov

Editor in Chief of the journal Russia in Global Affairs; Chairman of Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy

Fyodor Lukyanov has been editor of Russia in Global Affairs journal published with participation of Foreign Affairs since it’s founding 2002. Under his leadership the journal became one of the most authoritative sources of independent information on foreign policy and international relations in Russia. December 2012 Mr. Lukyanov was elected as chairman of Council on foreign and defense policy (SVOP), the oldest Russian NGO providing expertise in the field of security and foreign affairs. He is member of presidium of Russian international affairs council. Since 2015 he is research professor at Higher School of Economics in Moscow. His column appears regularly in The Moscow Times, Russian edition of Forbes magazine, Rossiyskaya gazeta,

Fyodor Lukyanov has extensive background in Russian media since 1990. Now he is one of the most quoted commentators of Russian foreign policy worldwide. He graduated from Moscow State University 1991, has master’s degree in German language and literature.