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Fei Su

Researcher with SIPRI’s China and Asia Security Programme

Fei Su is a Researcher with SIPRI’s China and Asia Security Programme. She joined SIPRI as a Research Assistance in March 2015 and was based in Beijing. Prior to joining SIPRI, she lived and studied in Seoul for three years, where she strengthened her fluency in Korean. She holds an MA in Public Administration from the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University, focusing on governance. She wrote her Korean-language dissertation on the impact of government size on corruption in China.

Fei’s research interests focus on regional security issues in East Asia with a special interest in North Korea, China’s foreign and security policy, and maritime security. Her other research interest is within the field of geo-economics and cybersecurity.

Content by Fei Su


Chinese thinking on AI integration and interaction with nuclear command and control, force structure, and decision-making

Fei Su and Jingdong Yuan analyse Chinese-language literature to present Chinese perspectives on AI and its military applications. The paper offers recommendations to mitigate the risks associated with the military use of AI in nuclear C2 systems, particularly focusing on the steps that China could consider to enhance its practices.

13 November 2023 | Fei Su and Dr Jingdong Yuan

Emerging and disruptive technologies, nuclear risk, and strategic stability: Chinese literature review

With emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) increasingly becoming a new field of military competition among great powers, serious questions have been raised about whether they will fundamentally change the ways modern warfare will be conducted, in particular implications for nuclear deterrence. Fei Su and Dr Jingdong Yuan analyse Chinese academic and professional publications to explore new ways forward for mitigating the risks posed by EDTs.

13 December 2022 | Fei Su and Dr Jingdong Yuan