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Elizabeth Talerman

CEO, The Nucleus Group

Where others see limits, Elizabeth sees possibilities. Whether it’s in a class of graduate students, a business on the cusp of change or a social movement waiting to be born, Elizabeth has the rare ability to glimpse what others are capable of, then equip them with the tools, knowledge and confidence to achieve their own ambitions. For the past 35 years, Elizabeth has worked with organizations to establish meaning, clarify purpose, streamline decision-making and turn strategy into action.

Elizabeth is a relative newcomer to the peace and security field. She began working on issues of nuclear threat in 2016. After being asked why this topic lacked salience, she attributed the problem to bad branding and has set about changing the narrative from one that promotes fear to one that evokes compassion, agency and action. As founding partner and CEO of The Nucleus Group, Elizabeth works with organizations around the world to empower leaders, accelerate growth and catalyze change, including Unicef, IBM, The Prince of Wales Foundation, Pepsi, MacArthur Foundation, Bayer, and Harvard Business School, among many others. She teaches in the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding program and has lectured extensively at Barnard College and in the Columbia University Strategic Communications Masters program.

Content by Elizabeth Talerman


Changing the nuclear narrative

As nuclear weapons make headlines once more, the images and narratives that pervade focus on fear and panic leading to paralysing doom and political stasis. For sustained engagement and real-world change, Elizabeth Talerman and Shazeeda Bhola from The Nucleus Group write that a fundamental shift is required in how the nuclear conversation is framed — invoking hope instead of fear and identifying solutions and shared ambitions.

15 March 2022 | Shazeeda Bhola and Elizabeth Talerman