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Denisa Delic

Head of UK Influencing at Save the Children UK and Special Adviser at the ELN

Twitter: @denisadelic

Denisa Delic is the Head of UK Influencing at Save the Children UK and a Special Adviser at the European Leadership Network.

Denisa has worked on UK foreign policy and conflict and humanitarian issues over the past six years. She has collaborated with think tanks on projects exploring civilian protection and human security, including publishing a report with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Prior to joining Save the Children, Denisa was a parliamentary researcher for a Member of Parliament. She holds two Masters Degrees in Global Politics and International Business studies.

Her areas of interest focus on UK foreign policy, EU-UK foreign and security cooperation, conflict diplomacy and European security.

Content by Denisa Delic


Mind the gap: The Brussels shaped hole in the Integrated Review

At a time when great power rivalry and increased threats face the Euro-Atlantic region, the absence of structured cooperation with the EU in the Integrated Review risks weakening European security and undermining the UK’s long-term strategic interests. The UK Government should establish a clear Europe strategy that has security and foreign policy cooperation at its core.

23 March 2021 | Denisa Delic