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Network participant

Daniela De Ridder

Former Member of Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee

Dr Daniela De Ridder was a Social Democratic Party politician and member of the Bundestag for the constituency of Mittelems. Beginning her career in research and education in 1992, Dr De Ridder entered parliament in 2013, first serving as a member of the Education, Research and Technology Committee. Following her re-election in 2017, Daniela became vice-Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the subcommittee on Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Management, and Integrated Action.

Passionate about equal opportunities, European, and international relations, Daniela’s Parliamentary engagement focused on foreign economic and arms export policy, as well as the Benelux economic union, research and education, and civilian crisis prevention policies.

In addition, De Ridder served as secondary rapporteur for International resource, environmental and climate policy, alongside an active member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Since leaving the Bundestag in 2021, Daniela has founded a consultancy firm.