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Daniel Shapiro

PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania and YGLN executive committee

Daniel Shapiro is a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies alliance dynamics and smaller state strategies in periods of great power conflict, focusing mainly on the former Soviet Union. Daniel attended Brown University as an undergraduate, receiving bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Slavic Studies in 2018. He then received a master’s degree in Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia from Harvard University in 2020.

Daniel has worked for Harvard Kennedy School’s Russia Matters Project and the European Leadership Network. He was a Fellow at the Stanford US-Russia Forum, and lived in Yerevan, Armenia on a Fulbright research grant in 2021. Daniel has published research on U.S.-Russian relations, the Caucasus, and Ukraine, among other subjects. In addition to his graduate research, he is currently on the executive committee of the ELN’s Younger Generation Leaders’ Network on Euro-Atlantic Security.

Content by Daniel Shapiro

Policy brief

Year two of the invasion: Where do former Soviet countries stand?

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, governments in the former Soviet Union were immediately forced to deal with difficult geopolitical realities. In this report for the ELN, YGLN member Daniel Shapiro uses quantitative and qualitative analysis to show there is increased heterogeneity in geopolitical positioning among post-Soviet states and offers key lessons from this for Western policymakers.

4 July 2023 | Daniel Shapiro
Outside Palais

The YGLN annual gathering: An invaluable venue for dialogue between young leaders from Russia and the West

In this critical period, the ELN’s Younger Generation Leaders Network on Euro-Atlantic Security (YGLN) held its annual gathering from 13-16 June in Switzerland, sponsored by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Members met with the French and Norwegian Permanent Representatives to the United Nations Office in Geneva, as well as representatives from the Swedish, German, and Dutch Missions and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).

12 July 2022 | Daniel Shapiro
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Young leaders’ perspectives on Europe’s security crisis

The ELN’s Younger Generation Leaders Network on Euro-Atlantic Security (YGLN) has intensified its convening since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has held weekly meetings, every one of which has been attended by Ukrainians, Russians, other Europeans and Americans alike. Through these meetings, all parties involved have engaged in fruitful and frank dialogue and have retained their commitment to engagement even in the toughest of times. Below, we discuss some key takeaways from our first three months of meetings.

30 May 2022 | Daniel Shapiro