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Dan Plesch

Professor of Diplomacy and Strategy, SOAS University of London

Twitter: @DanPlesch

Professor Dan Plesch has researched arms control and disarmament since the 1980s holding academic posts at Bradford and Keele Unversities and now at SOAS University of London. He founded the British American Security Information Council in 1987, an NGO engaged in the developments of NATO policy and in coalitions that contributed to the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, a permanent Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons and efforts that culminated in the Arms Trade Treaty.

His books include the Beauty Queen’s Guide to World Peace, America, Hitler and the UN, and Human Rights After Hitler. His effort to declassify files on Nazi War Crimes held at the UN, opened up a sub-field of research and he is a member of the legal chambers of Stephen Kay QC at 9 Bedfored Row in London. He leads the project on a Strategic Concept for the Removal of Arms and Proliferation at the Centre for Diplomatic Studies at SOAS University of London.


Content by Dan Plesch


Zero Missiles: building on the precedent that helps Ukraine today

Thanks to the INF Treaty, Russian forces attacking Ukraine have not been able to use ground-to-ground ballistic and cruise missiles of ranges from 500-5,500 km, which could have devastated centres in Western Ukraine. Dan Plesch writes that the process that produced the INF Treaty provides important guidance for a renaissance in disarmament in the present century and calls on civil society to seek a global zero on missiles.

21 October 2022 | Dan Plesch