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Christopher Colletta

Consultant, Global Nuclear Policy Program, NTI

Christopher Colletta serves as a consultant for the Global Nuclear Policy Program at NTI. His work focuses related to East Asia to include future strategic stability and arms control talks with China, the concept of cooperative threat reduction with North Korea. He also contributes to Horizon 2045, a project that brings high profile, nontraditional stakeholders into efforts to mitigate global nuclear risks.

Content by Christopher Colletta


Closing the gap: Establishing a new UN mechanism for discerning the source of pandemics of unknown origins

The current conflict in Ukraine has caused growing concerns about the potential use of unconventional weapons. Dr Angela Kane, Dr Jaime M. Yassif, and Christopher Colletta from NTI highlight the urgency of establishing a “Joint Assessment Mechanism” within the UN system to investigate cases where there is ambiguity about the source of a biological event.