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Carlos D. Sorreta

Former Philippine Ambassador to the Russian Federation

Carlos D. Sorreta is the Head of the Philippine Delegation to the 10th NPT Review Conference and is currently the Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and International Economic Relations. He was the former Philippine Ambassador to Russia, Assistant Secretary for American Affairs, and an APLN member.

Content by Carlos D. Sorreta


The war in Ukraine and the nuclear consequences of the new arms race

As the 10th NPT RevCon continues, the Head of the Philippine Delegation to the RevCon, Carlos D. Sorreta, warns that NATO’s plans to increase defence spending ignore Russia’s diminished military capabilities. As Russia cannot keep up with the West’s conventional arms build-up, it will rely more heavily on its nuclear force which will lead to a new arms race and increased tensions.

19 August 2022 | Carlos D. Sorreta