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Arthur Duforest

Disarmament and Human Security Consultant

Arthur Duforest currently works with the Inter-Parliamentary Union as a Consultant for Disarmament and Human Security matters. His primary focus is on the application of human security and common security approaches to global challenges, especially those related to national, regional, and international conflicts. Additionally, his work includes the promotion of comprehensive disarmament, the reduction of military expenditure, and keeping track of military technologies such as cyber-capabilities and autonomous weapons systems.

His particular interest lies in the area of “disruptive technologies,” which encompasses a broad spectrum of issues ranging from nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence to more engrained issues like automation, misuse of social media platforms, cyberattacks and cybercrime, autonomous weapons, and misuses of outer-space. Arthur has extensively researched and worked on these themes both academically and professionally and is always keen to discuss them in public fora or with like-minded individuals.

Arthur holds a Bachelor’s degree in Language and International Studies and a Master’s degree in Development and International Relations both from the University of Aalborg (Denmark). During his academic tenure, he actively engaged in volunteer organizations, including the United Nations Youth Association of Aalborg, which he co-presided over, and the Youth Fusion network, a global platform working towards the complete abolition of nuclear weapons. A firm believer in dialogue, debates, and the multiplicity of opinions, his work and travels have led him to find value in context-specific solutions, and finding, wherever possible, a balance between top-down and bottom-up approaches to the issues that concern us all.

Content by Arthur Duforest


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