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Russia-West Relations

From its beginnings in 2011, the Network has been devoted to work towards a safer Europe. Our work addresses the acute security risks, especially nuclear, in the Russia-West confrontation. Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine has transformed, accelerated and intensified these risks. Through dialogue and exchange and – where possible – joint analysis of the drivers and futures of conflict, we attempt to reduce risks of miscalculation, misunderstanding, misjudgement, and accidents in relations between Russia and the West. Reducing risks of nuclear war in Europe drives our Russia-West activities. ELN staff and members contribute ideas and analysis to a number of Track Two and Track 1.5 dialogues involving participants from across wider Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, alongside participants from the US and other parts of the world. Our research is also aimed at finding sustainable long-term security arrangements in wider Europe.

Latest Publications

Policy brief

The challenge of Russian dual-capable missiles

In a new policy brief, ELN Senior Associate Fellows Simon Lunn and Nicholas Williams discuss how Russia’s superior quantities of dual-capable medium and short-range missiles affect the credibility of NATO’s nuclear posture. It also highlights how NATO’s expansion, the need to engage with more Alliance members, and any potential American withdrawal from Euro-Atlantic security architecture could affect NATO’s capacity for defence, as well as the role of deterrence and assurances in this nexus. 

17 July 2024 | Simon Lunn and Nicholas Williams

The Women Leaders Podcast: Defenders of Ukraine

Ilana Bet-El, Senior Associate Fellow at the European Leadership Network, is joined by Inna Pidluska, Deputy Executive Director of the International Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine, and Anna Kovalenko, former member of the Ukrainian Parliament and a prominent civic activist, for a lively discussion surrounding Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine’s fight to join the democratic world, and what Ukraine means to Ukrainians.

31 May 2024 | Ilana Bet-El and Florence Ferrando

Latest Events


Scenario building workshop report: “Europe after the war”

This report comes off the back of a two-day scenario-building workshop convened in October by the European Leadership Network and the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Istanbul. A diverse group of experts from Ukraine, Russia, and wider Europe gathered to explore the implications of several different outcomes of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Europe. Read the full report to view the scenarios, participants’ comments, and policy recommendations for European leaders.

14 February 2024