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NEVER Call for Applications

Are you…

Concerned about the issues that threaten humanity and the planet?

Working on climate change, nuclear risks, future AI risks, biological threats or other areas of existential risk?

Interested in sharing ideas and cross-cutting lessons with a network of your peers?

The European Leadership Network brings together 400 leaders from broader Europe with a shared interest in reducing existential risks. Our leaders range from former ministers of defence and foreign affairs, to MPs, diplomats, startup founders, researchers and journalists. We come from a wide variety of countries, sectors and political perspectives and believe that diverse perspectives are essential if the “wicked problems” of existential risk are to be solved. Our work has focused in particular on reducing the risks of nuclear war.

We are looking for 30 new members to join a new network within the ELN, New European Voices on Existential Risk which will bring together people working on nuclear issues with their peers working on other areas of existential risk. Existential risk includes climate change and other ecological threats; the future risks of malign AI; biological threats such as natural or engineered pandemics; or any other issues that may threaten the future of humanity and the planet. You might be a researcher, activist, founder, journalist, early career official or diplomat.

We particularly welcome applications from people under 30 and from those who have traditionally been under-represented in discussions about international peace and security. The field of existential risk is growing but still heavily dominated by UK and US perspectives, and we are keen to add a broader set of voices from across wider Europe. We particularly encourage applications from Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, Baltic countries, and academics or civil society in or from Russia, in the spirit of the ELN’s ongoing commitment to dialogue and people-to-people cooperation across Europe.



What will we be doing? The network will work together to develop a policy paper on ways to engage governments effectively with existential risks – which usually require long-term thinking and international cooperation. We will hold a series of virtual meetings to introduce members to each other, discuss what we can learn from each other, and develop ideas for the report. Members will also have opportunities to publish commentaries with the ELN; to be mentored by members of the senior network; to speak at events hosted by ELN and partners; and to take part in podcast and video discussions. Please note that membership is on an honorary, voluntary and no-cost basis.


How can I get involved? Want to join the new network? Please apply by answering two questions on this Google form. We’d like you to briefly tell us why this interests you and what you’d bring to the network. Please also send us your CV (maximum two sides) or LinkedIn bio. If you’d prefer to email us, you can reach us at [email protected] – just please keep your answers under 500 words each.


And please sign up to our forthcoming newsletter if you’d like to be kept informed about the project.


Any questions? Email [email protected] or @ us on Twitter – @theELN.