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Contact Group on Russia-West Relations

The European Leadership Network is an organisation of former, serving, and future leaders from across the continent who are committed to strengthening Europe’s security. Our Contact Group, first set up in 2017, brings together individuals who can impact national and European policymaking and public debate and who will shape or manage the consequences of present developments in Russia – West relations.

Current members of the Group include Members of Parliament, diplomats, and strategic advisers from across wider Europe. The small number of participants is balanced between Russian experts and opinion-makers and a roughly equal mix of leaders from across the rest of Europe. The group is diverse, exchanges are frank and disagreements are plentiful, but one thing all our members share is an interest in dialogue.

The Contact Group provides an unparalleled opportunity for an informal conversation about security for the near-term and for the next generation. The meetings of the Contact Group allow participants to understand each other’s motives and concerns, provide an opportunity for direct yet confidential interactions, and expand the participants’ international networks.

Contact Group Meetings

Contact Group members



For further information about the Contact Group on Russia-West Relations, contact [email protected].