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Media coverage | 31 March 2022

The ELN deploys Adarga’s AI software to help identify emerging security threats at speed

The European Leadership Network, an intergenerational network of security policy leaders from across wider Europe, has licensed Adarga’s AI-driven software platform to more rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of emerging threats buried within huge volumes of open-source information.

The European Leadership Network (ELN) harnesses the experience, insight, and ideas of its leaders to design policy strategies in order to reduce the risks of existential conflict – above all the possibility of a nuclear war. As it looks at an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, it is faced with a vast quantity of information – continuous streams of news feeds, reports, expert assessments, videos and more. Within those streams lie critical pieces of information that inform their high-quality research, publications, reports, and practical policy advocacy for governments on the gravest risks to Europe’s security.

Adarga’s software platform – powered by state-of-the-art AI that reads and understands unstructured data like these news feeds, reports, and PDFs with precision and context – helps to ensure these critical pieces of information don’t get lost in the noise. It will accelerate ELN’s ability to research and report on emerging geopolitical situations, where time and accuracy are of the essence, by automating the time-intensive processes involved with collecting, reading, and analysing millions of documents, as well as other data sources.

This will enable ELN to answer complex questions at a speed previously unimaginable, with expansive topics automatically distilled into single, referenced reports; appended document summaries; foreign documents automatically translated; and videos transcribed for seamless consumption.

Adarga’s cutting-edge AI software is also providing the ELN with the ability to stay ahead of fast-moving events with contextualised, real-time reports capturing key event details on emerging global situations. Automated linking of complex relationships between people, places and organisations involved – which are normally hidden within piles of disparate documents – further augments ELN’s capability to gain a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of the international security landscape.

These are just some examples of the continuous automation that Adarga’s Knowledge Platform provides to transform efficiency and augment the human user so they can focus on the most important analysis tasks.

Rob Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga said: “We’re pleased to be supporting the European Leadership Network in their vital work to prevent existential conflict, using AI to enhance the ELN’s expert capacity to address the most pressing foreign, defence and security policy challenges at a time that could not be more important or more relevant. The powerful technology behind Adarga’s Knowledge Platform will support the ELN’s high quality research and analysis and, in turn, reinforce its tangible policy impact”.

Sir Graham Stacey of the ELN said: “This partnership with Adarga offers the opportunity to take the vital work of the ELN, promoting security and stability and helping to reduce nuclear risk, to a new level. In a world characterised by complexity, rapid change and the battle between information and disinformation, this collaboration of leading-edge innovation and policy expertise will significantly add to addressing some of the world’s most significant challenges.”

About the European Leadership Network

The European Leadership Network (ELN) is an independent, non-partisan, pan-European NGO with a network of nearly 200 past, present and future European leaders working to provide practical, real-world solutions to political and security challenges. Through its research, publications, events, practical policy advocacy, media reach and high-level networks, the ELN works to builds better security for wider Europe. It concentrates on what it judges to be the gravest risks to Europe’s security and on the risks where it assesses that it can make the greatest difference.

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About Adarga

Adarga  is one of the UK’s leading developers of artificial intelligence (AI) software for the Defence and National Security sector. Adarga’s Knowledge PlatformⓇ is deployed to organisations across the UK Ministry of Defence and the wider market – enabling analysts, researchers and decision-makers to maintain a dynamic understanding in an ever-changing information environment and retain a competitive advantage.

Adarga’s AI software platform processes huge volumes of unstructured data – such as news, PDFs, presentations, reports, videos etc – at a speed unachievable by humans. The platform extracts the essential facts in context and presents them in a variety of comprehensible formats to unlock relevant, insightful and actionable intelligence at scale. Adarga’s AI capability has been designed to enhance and augment the human user, allowing them to reach the best possible conclusion in the fastest possible time from overwhelming volumes of information.

Adarga’s world-class team has combined cutting-edge natural language processing, machine learning and network science technology to provide organisations with powerful, automated capabilities such as real-time events monitoring, complex network analysis and advanced summarisation and reporting.

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