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Media coverage | 23 November 2020

The Atlantic Council-ELN Report on Iran featured in Foreign Policy article

A new report released by the Atlantic Council and the European Leadership Network by Ellie Geranmayeh, Barbara Slavin, and ELN Policy Fellow Sahil Shah presents a series of recommendations for the E-3 and the EU to preserve the JCPOA, promote regional peace and development and boost people-to-people contacts with Iran in concert with a potential new US administration. It was featured in a Foreign Policy article.

The Atlantic Council and the European Leadership Network, with an assist from the top Iran hand at the European Council on Foreign Relations, just put out a roadmap for Europe to act as a bridge between Iran and the incoming Biden team. The recommendations seek to salvage the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—by returning the United States and Iran to compliance, promoting regional conflict resolution, and reviving people-to-people engagement.

Critics will no doubt call such a proposal naïve and unattainable. They may point out that Iran’s leadership needs continued animosity with the United States to survive. But the prospects for a big breakthrough between the two countries are bolstered by the fact that the American people are sick of U.S. military confrontations in the Middle East, and Iranians are fed up with being isolated.

Image: Wikimedia