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Media coverage | 18 December 2020

Nikita Gryazin interviewed former British diplomat Sir Roderic Lyne

YGLN member Nikita Gryazin had a conversation with former British diplomat and UK Ambassador to Russia (2000-2004), Sir Roderic Lyne. The interview is divided into three parts. First comes the past experience: on a summer in the Soviet Union, on the rule of law and on Putin’s first years as President of Russia. Second follows a discussion of current issues in Russia-West relations – how we’ve gotten where we are, on the new American administration, and on leadership change in Russia in the future. The third and final part is on the message that Sir Roderic wanted to send to younger generation leaders: “You’ve only got one life. And you want to use it in a way that really has value”. More importantly: ‘‘[Success] is about adding value in the areas where you as an individual are capable of making the world a slightly better place” – a perfect motivation for all YGLN members. Read full interview here.