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Media coverage | 3 March 2022

Letter in the Times of London: Ukraine ceasefire call


Two years ago in a letter to The Times (Dec 8, 2020) we drew to your attention recommendations from more than 100 high-level Russian, US and European experts for our governments on reducing Russia-Nato risks (letter, Dec 8, 2020). Had those recommendations been acted upon we might now be on a better path.

Our group considers that the single most urgent step now is an immediate, unconditional cessation of all hostilities throughout Ukraine. Without this crucial step it is all too easy to foresee an even deeper polarisation that removes all space for diplomacy to find ways out of this crisis.

Many further steps will have to be taken. But they are unlikely ever to be reached unless and until an immediate, unconditional and mutual ceasefire is in place.

Sir Adam Thomson, director, European Leadership Network and former British ambassador to Nato; Sergey Rogov, director of the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Science; Alexander Vershbow, distinguished fellow, Atlantic Council, former deputy secretary-general of Nato and former US assistant defence secretary  


This letter was originally published in The Times