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Media coverage | 17 January 2018

ELN’s Senior Delegation in Washington Discussing JCPOA: Media Coverage

Last week, the ELN took a very senior non-governmental European delegation to Washington DC at a crucial moment in US decision-making to discuss the future of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Two members of the delegation, Professor Angela Kane (former UN High Commissioner for Disarmament and Arms Control) and Sir Simon Gass (former UK Ambassador to Iran and senior UK official working on the JCPOA), also took part in a press briefing, organised and presided over by Diplomacy Works. Links to some of the resulting media reports are included below.


EU may offer credit to firms trading with Iran if Trump pulls out of nuclear deal
The Guardian
In a new paper for European Leadership Network, Gass argues that EU member states should be ready to respond robustly to… 

Iran nuclear deal: Trump to make a final decision, says Rex Tillerson
The Guardian
European diplomats and US analysts predict that Trump would continue to waive sanctions on Iran, but could also take the US closer to non-compliance …


Trump to make Iran deal decision today
ABC News
“We could’ve had by now actually a nuclear-armed Iran if not for the JCPOA… which would’ve added tremendously to the instability” in the Middle East, said Angela Kane …


Iran nuclear deal: sanctions waived as Trump begins countdown to keep US in
The Guardian

“It is going to be very challenging to find a sweet spot which could address [Trump’s] concerns but still remain consistent with the JCPOA – and that in my view has to be the goal,” Gass said …


Opinion: The Iran deal is a good deal, not a bad one
China Global Television Network

“If you walk away, you have to look at what’s next”, said Simon Gass, a former British ambassador to Tehran …


Donald Trump waives Iran Nuclear Sanctions
Financial Times

“To try to insert yourself into the middle by too overt and too activist an approach really plays into the hand of hardliners”, Gass said …


Iran nuclear deal: Trump demands a renegotiation
Al Jazeera International

ELN delegation members speak to Al Jazeera International. 


Trumplomacy: Has Trump made the world more dangerous?
BBC News

If the Iran deal unravels, it could also undermine the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on which the Iran deal was built, says Angela Kane …


Trump to Approve Iran Nuclear Deal for Last Time 
BBC World Service

President Trump has again refrained from re-imposing sanctions on Iran — keeping intact the deal under which Tehran curbed its nuclear programme …