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Media coverage | 15 March 2021

ELN Policy Fellow Sahil Shah quoted in Deutsche Welle article

ELN Policy Fellow Sahil Shah was quoted in Deutsche Welle on the paper circulated by the US to the other 34 members of the IAEA board asking for their support in censuring Tehran for a range of actions. The full article can be found here.

Sahil Shah, who heads the Iran portfolio at the European Leadership Network, called the European and US effort a “junior mistake of diplomacy that undermined the credibility of their stated interest in working with Iran to chart a new way forward.” Shah saw the move as short-sighted and misguided and found it “unsurprising” Iran vowed to limit cooperation with the IAEA if the resolution went through. “If the trans-Atlantic security relationship is going to manage the challenges presented by diplomacy with Iran smartly and swiftly,” he told DW, “the US and its European allies must be careful about every move made. Nothing occurs in a vacuum and there are domestic considerations in both Washington and Tehran that have to be respected and navigated to get over the finish line.”

Image: Wikimedia