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Media coverage | 18 October 2020

ELN Group Statement mentioned in RadioFreeEurope / RadioLiberty article

The ELN’s Group Statement, appealing to the US government to extend the New START Treaty, has been mentioned in RadioFreeEurope / RadioLiberty article.

“On October 13, more than 75 lawmakers across Europe called on the United States to extend New START before it expires in February.

“While we support the call to discuss the next generation of arms control and the need to consider the role of the Chinese nuclear arsenal, extending New START and engaging in good faith dialogue with other nuclear powers are not mutually exclusive,” the letter from the European Leadership Network states.

“As was evident in the process that led to New START, time is needed to negotiate solutions that meet the laudable goals put forward by both the United States and Russia during their strategic stability talks this year. In short, extending the duration of New START is not an end,” the lawmakers wrote to their colleagues in the U.S. Congress.”

Image: encsere, via Wikimedia Commons