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Media coverage | 20 October 2020

ELN Group Statement mentioned in Air Force Magazine article

The ELN’s Group Statement, appealing to the US government to extend the New START Treaty, has been mentioned in Air Force Magazine article.

The United States’s European allies have also pressed for an extension of New START. In a letter to U.S. lawmakers this week, more than 75 European lawmakers urged them to press the administration on the treaty.

“As officials who strive to protect the health and security of millions of European citizens, we feel distressed by the possibility that New START may lapse in less than four months,” they wrote in a letter organized by the European Leadership Network, a group originally founded to advocate for nuclear disarmament.

“We would like to appeal to our colleagues, the elected representatives of the United States, to act on this issue,” they added. “The broad support that continues to be given to New START by many members of the U.S. Congress gives us hope that bipartisan efforts within the U.S. government can help ensure the treaty’s survival.”

Image: Air Force Magazine