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Media coverage | 11 January 2013

ELN Chief Executive Quoted in Financial Times on Trident Renewal Debate

The Financial Times this week featured an article by James Blitz on “The price of deterrence” setting out the contentious issues around the renewal of Britain’s nuclear weapons programme; the decision for which has to be made between now and 2016.

With capital cost of replacing the existing four Trident submarines projected to be £25bn, Blitz anticipates a heated debate on whether national security can be best served with a nuclear capability when substantial cuts to conventional capabilities are being made.

In the article, Dr Ian Kearns, Chief Executive of the ELN, argues that “Britain is becoming a country that clings to its deterrent, but has no serious defence strategy to go with. We have weakened our conventional forces and we have no political will to spend more on defence. At the same time, our government leaders have not reduced their strategic ambition.”

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