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Media coverage | 26 October 2020

ELN Briefing Call featured in Axios article

The ELN Global Briefing Call on New START Treaty, has been mentioned in Axios article. Two panelists, Elena Chernenko and Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova, were quoted as well.

What to watch: “Experts here in Russia were clearly surprised by this change of the position, because they see several possible traps for Russia in such a possible freeze,” Chernenko said on a call hosted by the European Leadership Network (ELN).

  • Any alleged violations of the freeze could be treated as grounds for U.S. sanctions, she says.
  • Second, a potential Biden administration could insist that the freeze be the starting point for further negotiations, rather than a clean extension of New START.

Russia is “hedging its bets,” says Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova of the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation.

  • This deal would remove the risk of New START’s imminent expiration and allow arms control talks with a possible Biden administration to start “from the very beginning,” rather than with a scramble to extend the deal, she says.

Image: Wikimedia Commons