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Media coverage | 8 June 2021

EASLG Statement featured in POLITICO Morning Defense

The Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) was featured in the POLITICO Morning Defense newsletter.

A collection of arms control groups and advocates published a primer on Monday that recommends a series of “near-term steps” — including an agreement not to deploy missiles that would violate the now-discarded Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and updating a 2000 agreement establishing a center to exchange early warning data and notifications of missile launches.
The groups, including the European Leadership Network, the Munich Security Conference, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and the Russian International Affairs Council, also urged Biden and Putin to begin laying the groundwork for additional reductions in nuclear weapons following their agreement in January to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for five years.
“Washington and Moscow should commit to further reduce U.S. and Russian deployed strategic nuclear weapons while working urgently to establish the mandate for and scope of a successor agreement to New START,” they said.