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Media coverage | 21 August 2020

Andrew Futter addresses nuclear deterrence and emerging technologies in Chatham House research paper

YGLN Security working group member Andrew Futter has contributed to a research paper published by Chatham House in April 2020 on “Perspectives on Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century“. In his chapter on “The Risks Posed by Emerging Technologies to Nuclear Deterrence” Andrew considers that emerging tech present challenges to the traditional way of approaching nuclear deterrence, and the context within which the nuclear community thinks about nuclear deterrence. Andrew goes on to examine the use of cyber means against an adversary, and draws attention to the ‘grey area’ that these tech are creating between nuclear and conventional weapons. He suggests, too, that emerging tech could perhaps even replace nuclear weapons for certain deterrence functions.

Picture: Flickr Creative Commons/Merrill College of Journalism