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‘Go Big’ initiative

The European Leadership Network (ELN) is proud to be working with our networks on an initiative to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is changing our world: beyond the immediate health tragedy, all nations are facing huge economic and political challenges which bring with them implications for our global security. The response to these challenges calls for leadership. 

The ELN is committed to stepping up to this challenge by deploying our staff, our networks and our collective expertise to respond to the emerging picture and to find common solutions to the gravest security challenges we face and to build a safer Europe.

To do this we have launched a new initiative, “Go Big”, formed of three action groups of senior, mid-career and younger generation network members. In addition, the University Consortium’s young fellows from across Europe, Russia and the United States are an integral part of the core team supporting the action groups.

The current pandemic presents us with the challenge of deeper great power confrontation and the opportunity to seize the momentum to make a lasting difference to European security. Our objective is to deliver policy outcomes to reduce security tensions and boost the chances for international collaboration on the pandemic and its aftermath. 

Further details about the “Go Big” initiative will follow in the coming months.