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Event | 13 April 2017

YGLN Holds its Sixth Meeting in Warsaw, Poland on 2-6 April, 2017

The sixth meeting of the YGLN was held in Warsaw, Poland, on April 2-6, 2017, and was attended by 56 participants.  The meeting consisted of a mix of working group and roundtable discussions and plenary meetings. Among the topics discussed were the rise of populist regimes, generational differences in global values, policies that may damage the current economic system, reforming the international economic system, enhancing strategic stability in Europe, NATO-Russia relations, and regional security challenges.   Joining the working group and roundtable discussions were senior Polish policy experts who addressed the agenda topics from the Polish perspective.

At the two plenary meetings special attention was devoted to the need to develop a plan for the future of the YGLN so that over time it can become an independent organization with its own small administrative staff and long-term funding sources.  Adam Hitchcock will chair a committee of YGLN participants that will take on the task of transforming the YGLN into a permanent organization.

The next meeting of the YGLN will be held in the fall of 2017.