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Event | 27 March 2020

Ground Truth Briefing: Russia’s Military Posture in the Arctic

On 26 March 2020, ELN Policy Fellow Katarina Kertysova spoke at a Wilson Center telephonic event on Russia’s military posture in the European Arctic. Organised by the Kennan and Polar Institutes of the Wilson Center, the event sought to explain Moscow’s military build-up in the region, Russia’s general force posture, and its impact for NATO and its allies.

You can read the event summary and listen to the conversation here.


  • Mathieu Boulegue (Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House)
  • Katarina Kertysova (Policy Fellow, European Leadership Network)
  • Michael Sfraga (Director, Polar Institute and Global Risk and Resilience Programme, Wilson Center)
  • Michael Kofman (Director, Russia Studies Program, CNA Corporation)
  • Moderator: Matthew Rojansky (Director, Kennan Institute)