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Event | 24 July 2023

Getting the NPT Review Cycle on the right track – Join ELN at the 2023 PrepCom

As the review cycle for the 11th Review Cycle gets underway, the NPT is faced with many challenges, including a much worsened geopolitical environment and increased conflict. States parties at the 10th Review Conference failed to adopt a final document but paved the way for improvements in the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, accountability, coordination and continuity of the review process leading up to the 2026 Review Conference.

But what steps can be taken to ensure that the NPT will continue to play an essential role in nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and facilitating peaceful nuclear uses? How can member states make the best use of the current review cycle? And what measures are suitable to protect the NPT against the negative implications of great power conflict?

Join members of the European Leadership Network’s project team “reinforcing the multilateral nuclear regime in times of duress” on Monday, 31 July, from 13:15-14:45 CEST in Room M4 in the Vienna International Centre as they tackle these questions and more.

In this event, moderated by Dr Tarja Cronberg (ELN Executive Board and Visiting Professor at the University of Helsinki, attendees should expect to hear from:

  • Project sponsors, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
  • Michael Biontino (ELN Senior Network) and Olamide Samuel (YGLN) on “Making better use of the Review Cycle”
  • Maren Vieluf (University of Innsbruck, YGLN) on “Reducing the salience of nuclear weapons”; and
  • Patricia Jaworek (YGLN, NTI) on “Brace, brace: Limiting the impact of geopolitical competition on the NPT”

We look forward to welcoming you!