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Event | 12 September 2016

Fifth Meeting of the Younger Generation Leaders Group

The YGLN, which now includes 61 young professionals in their 20s and 30s from 24 countries across the Euro-Atlantic community, held its fifth meeting in Helsinki, Finland on September 4-7, 2016. During the meeting roundtable discussions were held that focused on cyber security, the NATO Warsaw Summit, security in the Baltic region, police reform and the problem of corruption in Ukraine, the rise of radical populism and illiberalism in the Euro-Atlantic region, the backlash against globalization, and the future of economic cooperation  in the Euro-Atlantic region. The roundtables were composed of participants in the YGLN and prominent Finnish experts and government and private sector officials.

The YGLN has recently received a substantial grant from the U.S.-Russia Foundation to support its operation for one year.

The YGLN will hold its sixth meeting in Warsaw, Poland in spring 2017.