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Event | 23 October 2017

ELN Research Fellow Alice Billon-Galland speaks at a RUSI-OCP Policy Center conference in Rabat

On October 23 2017, ELN Research Fellow Alice Billon-Galland spoke at the RUSI-OCP Policy Center conference “Regional Responses to Security Challenges in Europe and Africa” in Rabat, Morocco.

The conference examined the current trends in terrorist attacks across Europe and Africa, and the responses being taken by individual governments and between governments. Participants also discussed the current state of regional integration in Europe and Africa, and how regional initiatives can be used to tackle regional and global security issues.

Alice Billon-Galland spoke in the third panel entitled “Integrating the EU and NATO in the Security Sphere”. Her presentation discussed how the European Union and NATO can work better together towards their shared goal of European security. She discussed the latest developments in their collaboration and offered four practical lessons that other prospective regional initiatives can draw from the European experience.

The event was chaired by Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director for Strategic Research Partnerships, RUSI, and Karim El Aynaoui, Managing Director, OCP Policy Center.

See a follow-up interview of Alice Billon-Galland here.