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Event | 18 November 2019

Contact Group on Russia-West Relations: 8th Meeting Note

On 24th and 25th October 2019 the European Leadership Network convened the Contact Group on Russia-West Relations in Prague, Czech Republic, for its eight meeting. The ELN wishes to thank the Institute of International Relations Prague for their generous support in organising this meeting.

The Contact Group brings together individuals who can impact national and European policymaking and public debate and who will shape or manage the consequences of present developments in Russia – West relations. Its aims are bridge building, networking, better mutual understanding and the generation of ideas for Europe’s future, including on overcoming the differences between Russia and the West.

The meeting in Prague covered topics of central importance to the current state of relations between Russia and the West, including prospects for selective engagement between the EU and Russia, mutual concerns over interference in domestic politics, and the Central European outlook on the current state of Russia-West relations. While views differed, sometimes strongly, the value of vigorous and open discussion was reaffirmed. This note summarises the main themes of the discussion.

Read the full summary here.