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Event | 25 March 2015

Browne and Ivanov win Nunn-Lugar Award

Lord Desmond Browne, Chairman of the ELN and former UK Defence Secretary, and Ambassador Igor Ivanov, former Russian Foreign Minister, have been awarded the Nunn-Lugar Prize for Promoting Nuclear Security. The two ELN members picked up their award at the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference in Washington.

The Nunn-Lugar Award for Promoting Nuclear Security is awarded biennially by Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to individuals or institutions whose work has resulted in clear, discernible progress toward strengthening global security and peaceful co-existence among nations, by preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and reducing the risk of their use. The award is named after former U.S. Senators Nunn and Lugar, and is a tribute to Andrew Carnegie, who dedicated much of his philanthropy to the goal of achieving world peace. The award carries a $50,000 prize, which both Lord Browne and Ambassador Ivanov are donating to their respective organisations.

“To become a recipient of the Nunn-Lugar Award is a source of both honor and inspiration,” said Ambassador Ivanov in response the recognition. “Sam Nunn and Dick Lugar stand out as remarkable examples of vision, energy and an uncompromised commitment to the cause of nuclear security and international peace. This noble cause remains today as important as ever before.”

Lord Browne commented, saying, “I am delighted and honored to receive the Nunn-Lugar award alongside my friend and colleague Igor Ivanov and am grateful to the leaders of Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for their unwavering commitment to peace and security. I share this award with the men and women –– inside and outside of government –– who work tirelessly every day on the difficult and important work of reducing nuclear dangers globally.”

For more information on both the Nunn-Lugar Award, the Carnegie Corporation of New York and this years recipients, click here.